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Hey.  Welcome.  Here you will find a range of useful, powerful, fun software for home use.  They all come with a one month free trial, no card details required.

 Dream frequency  products work on all computers and come in three editions:
Computer edition for Windows PC, Apple Mac, Linux and more,
Web edition that doesn't require your own computer,
Mobile edition for use on smartphones and everyday cellphones.

Our product list is below, and is constantly growing.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
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Programs Coming Soon... Programs Coming Soon... Coming Soon...
Details of upcoming Dream frequency program releases.  Coming soon to a screen near you...
Artwork Wallpaper Artwork Wallpaper Art Backdrops
Free wallpaper for your desktop.  30+ designs to chose from.  HD hi-res images.  Widescreen, standard 4:3 and also vertical monitor pictures.  Plus over 200 wallpapers for mobile devices like cells and smartphones.  Cooler Than™ absolute zero.
Extra-Terrestrial Space Extra-Terrestrial Space Cooler Than Outer Space
We present things ET spacial.  Find here a 3D map of our Milky Way galaxy, a video of a μgravity dancing astronaut and free NASA wallpaper.
Color Etail Color Etail Innovative Products at a Must-Have Price
We sell homewares from Amazon.  All our stock is Fulfilled by Amazon straight from their warehouses with Amazon's second-to-none customer centric policies, returns and customer support.
Color Etail Project Gutenberg 600 Ebook CD Downloadable
Official Project Gutenberg CD-ROM containing 600+ classic books in ebook format.  Classic novels, plays, poetry, philosophy, religion, reference and timeless children's books.  Classic works from genius authors around the globe including American (President Lincoln), British (Shakespeare), French (Descartes), German (Marx), Italian (Da Vinci) and Greek (Aesop).
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Blog Blog Dream frequency Weblog
Keeping you up-to-date with the latest happenings in our office.
Web Links Web Links Links to Other Parts of the Web
We saw these and thought of you...  Recommended external websites.
Historic Software Memorial 2005 – 2007
Details of historic Dream frequency software releases from 2005 – 2007, now not distributed anymore.  Memorialized here for irreverance.  Including Epiphany Notes, Interest Calc and IMDb Photo Trawler.
Dream frequency About Dream ƒrequency Online Since 2001
Online since 2001, Dream ƒrequency has been making fun home apps (software) for 7 years.  We've received half a dozen Editor's Reviews for our programs.  Our developers have been busy filling our stockroom with new apps and we're almost ready to add them to the website.  New Apps Coming Soon...